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Obviously we have to have a privacy policy.

What data do we collect?

When you visit our site, your browser sends us some data, because that is just how the internet works. We still have to inform you though. This data we recieve when you visit our page (example values for this page in cursive):

Was machen wir mit den Daten?

Mostly we don't actually want the data. You just send it to us.

How long do we hold the data?

We delete the logs automatically after 2 weeks
If you're on the blacklist, then you're there for longer. Sorry I guess?
If you want to know what we know about you (although you should know everything since... well you sent it to us) or want us to delete your data, just send us a mail to .
It is probable though that your IP changes daily (then we would require a list of IPs) or you're accessing over DS-Lite (in which case the logged IPv4 represents a block of IPv6, and we can't know which visits were you).

Cookies 🍪

We may set a cookie. It is fully functional and not required. It is set when you press the darkmode theme. It contains only dark=True and thus no personal information. You can delete it anytime by setting the theme to light again.
If you visited the login page there is a second cookie. It is fully functional and required. It contains an session token and no personal information.